Monday, November 30, 2009

Here Comes the Ring Bearer

Max and I were honored to be a part of my cousin, Marie's, wedding day.
It was a fairy tale wedding that included a stunning bride and adorable little ring bearer.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Marie and her girls

Max the Ring Bearer

There's a smile!

Time to call it a night

Mommy and Daddy stayed late
and cut a rug on the dance floor

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sam and I just returned from paradise in Riviera Maya, Mexico. We spent 6 glorious days and 5 glorious nights pretending like we were on our honeymoon again. It was pure bliss.

We celebrated my 30th birthday in style. Our lazy days were spent by the beach and our evenings at romantic dinners. What a way to celebrate a birthday!
While we were away, Mister Max was well taken care of by his Grandma and Papa. We emailed daily with the little guy and he seemed to get along just fine without us. Here are a few excerpts. I am sure they will bring a smile to your face as they did ours every time we read one!

11/12: Day 1 of Trip

Hi mommy and daddy,

I hope you had a fun afternoon at the pool/beach. I was soooo good all day. I got
to play with Eli all morning and Maddie watched us and took us outside in the back. It
was great fun. We then had a delicious lunch (I'm wearing a bib for grandma) of grilled
cheese, tomato soup, etc.

I didn't nap very long, maybe one hr. and then talked and coughed a little for another
hr. Grandma got me up and I was very good and happy. We left for home at 4.
Papa played with me lots while grandma finished dinner and cleaned up. I ate
all my spaghetti, some peas, yo-gurt, raspberries, pretzels. I did good, huh? and milk.
Well it is after 7 so I know they will say it's bedtime soon so I guess I better go and
play with them a little more so they won't be sad. Maybe read them a book.

All is well and I am happy. Have fun and don't be sad at all.
I love you, Max

11/15: Day 4 of Trip

Okay I'm telling on Grandma. She slept til 7:30 this morning. Papa got up and moved the monitor and
shut the door so she could sleep. Papa and I had a great early morning time together.
We looked at books and he gave me some dry cheerios and a drink to hold me til breakfast.
He loves to hold me when I wake. Me and my baa baa.

We went to church and I went to the nursery. Aunt Becca and Uncle Chris were in there.
I stayed in there til 11:15 and then they took me back to Gma. Becca said my nose was
running and I coughed on kids. Whatever! Don't tell I told or Gma will get in trouble.

Church was great. The Lord was moving. Worship lasted til noon again and then Pastor Jim
said to get your kids and come back up front if you want to. We left and went to Jersey
Mikes with Uncle Luke, Aunt Bethany and cousin Claire.

Home for nap. I slept not quite 2 hrs. Then books, played outside etc. My favorite -
Gma sat me in her lap and we checked out all the blogs. I loved it and didn't move for
20 min.

Lauren came at 4 and we played, outside and in. I ate the biggest dinner - spaghetti,
kiwi, and frozen yogurt and milk etc. Delicious! Lauren and I are now watching a video
before bath/bed. What a great day here at the Ritz. Uncle Tom and Beth are stopping by
at 8:30 to show us her engagement ring. I guess I'll be in bed:-(

I am wearing a bib at every meal. I even tuck it in behind the tray. Gma has these
great cotton bibs. Plastic sucks!

I love you and miss you but I am doing so great - real bonding with these old folks.
Love, Max

11/16: Day 5

Hi mommy and daddy,

I'm counting down. 24 hrs. or less. I miss you. I had a great day. Lauren played with
me this morning. Then we met Auntie Kristen and kiddos at Mc.D's for lunch and we took
Lauren to school.
I slept and slept for my nap. After 2 and half hrs. Grandma turned on the hall light,
15 more minutes and she turned on the bedroom light. I finally roused at almost 3 hrs.
Whew, I bet I grew sleeping so much.

We ran a couple errands and went outside. It is so nice here, the weather has been good.

O.K. it is 8:30 pm and I am jabbering up a storm in my bed. I stayed up til 8:15. Papa got
home from his elders meeting and I wanted to spend some time with him. I go from Grandma to Papa without hesitation. Hope I don't hurt her feelings. It's a guy thing.

See you at the airport. I'll be the little guy with beautiful blue eyes and blond curls
grinning ear to ear.
Love, Max

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Keeping the Tradition Alive

I love sharing then and now photos. And here is a winner! Sam recruited his trusty sous chef, Max, to assist him in baking a pumpkin pie again this year!

Pumpkin Pie Cook-Off 2008

Pumpkin Pie Cook-Off 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Max and His New Obstacle Course

Doesn't every child need an obstacle course in their family room?
Max certainly thinks so. Check him out!