Monday, September 26, 2011

Football is in the Air

I just love football season. 

(Max and I on campus tailgating with family & friends. What fun!)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ode to Brit

Max and Brit at a recent trip to Fall Fest at the zoo!
Sam, Max and I added another to our family a little more than a year ago. :)

Brit, Sam's cousin, moved in with us summer of 2010 and what was supposed to be a summer housing arranging before heading back to OSU for her final year, turned into something much more. She is now a college grad and has a full-time job, with a very long and important title. Oh ya, and still lives with us much to our delight.

Sam and I have enjoyed Brit's company and friendship, and Max has enjoyed the joys of having a "big sister." 

One of my favorite things about Brit is her love and adoration towards our little man. She shares such a unique relationship with him and I can't imagine Max not having her a part of his little life. (In all honesty, does he really remember what life was like pre-Brit? Probably not! He had just turned 2 when she moved in.) 

I love their banter. For instance, this is an actual quote I had to say while out driving the gang:
"Max stop kicking Brit's seat, Brit please turn around and stop swatting his foot away!" 

Now if that isn't true sibling rivalry, I don't know what is! 

However, what I (and Maximus!) love most about Brit is her creativity and passion for trying, finding and having new adventures with Max. She is not content to just sit at home and do the norm with him (can I get an Amen! from those that also know and love Brit.) 

Her latest and greatest adventure: Giving Max an entire can of shaving cream in the bathtub. He was COVERED head to toe and I am sure having the time of his life. The next morning, he told me all about it with strict instructions that, "we need to go to the store and get more of that stuff so I can do it every night!" 

Oh what fun! 
Guess what Brit? I LOVE you!
Dear Brit,
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you for investing your love and time into our sweet and precious little boy. We can't think of a better role model, friend or sister for Maximus. We trust you implicitly and are grateful for all the little moments that you make special. These are going to be life-long impressions and memories for Max! Thank you!!

Sam and Jen

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Our baby is off to school. That's right, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Max will be with Miss Katie and his new friends. This is going to be an amazing adventure for Maximus. And he is so ready! He walked into his classroom confident, excited and ready to try something new. All traits I love about our little man. 

The first day of school simply consisted of an hour-long orientation. Half of the time, we stayed in the room with him, the rest we split up giving Max time to get acclimated to his new classroom. As some of the children sat on their mommy's laps clinging to them for dear life, our boy started exploring the room and would periodically look over his shoulder and give us the eye as if to say, "aren't you leaving yet?" 

So maybe this school thing is going to be harder on me than it is him. I love spending my days with Max. He is funny and adorable (and I should mention strong-willed most of the time.) But, this school thing is going to be great for him. 

So cheers to growing up my little man! I am so proud of you!

Monday, September 5, 2011

OBX 2011

Hurricane Irene could not keep us away. Maybe delay us by a couple of days (while we were safely tucked away and enjoying Raleigh, NC), but vacation 2011 proved to be one of the best years yet! 

The build-up for this vacation was like none before. Max fully understood what it meant to go to the beach, build sandcastles, fly kites, go boogie boarding, you catch my drift. It was a loooooong summer waiting for THE beach vacation. 

And once we arrived, the beach did not disappoint. Family, fun, afternoon naps, ice cream, walks on the beach, waves, seashell hunting, games, movies, and more. It was quite the week to remember. 

Here are some of the highlights:

Max's love language: chocolate ice cream.
These waves are fierce dude! 
This face sums up Max's disposition all week: sheer joy!
The annual family photo on the beach. 
The kiddos.
Thirteen total. Ten under the age of 5!
One big happy family. 
Life at the beach. I love it!