Monday, March 28, 2011

Swim Lessons

Max is such a big boy now. He doesn't even need me in the water for swim lessons anymore. (sniff, sniff).

I have had a few bittersweet moments like this lately. Since he was 4 months old, I have been doing parent & me classes. From The Little Gym to swim lessons, I was always required to be by his side.

But, now my little man is graduating to the big time. He doesn't need ol' mom anymore to accompany him in his gym class or in the water.

Check out my baby boy. Not such a baby anymore, huh?
(Max is the second one in on the side of the pool...)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All Things Sports

Maximus is a sports fanatic (just like his daddy). For instance:

1. He plays hockey (fully dressed in shoulder pads and hockey jersey) and has moves that school the average toddler. Also, while playing goalie (we have a net in the basement) he reaches behind him to grab his fake water bottle and take a swig before he gets in position. Just like the real NHL players.

2. He loves to shoot hoops in his bedroom on his digital basketball hoop. And if Sam and I just happen to sneak away for a minute to play a game of horse, we can hear him thundering down the hallway to join in the fun.

3. Soccer is yet another passion. We are trying to teach him that you can't exactly tackle your opponent in this particular sport while trying to get the ball.

4. Football is full-contact and you better watch out because he will line drive you and knock you over, while growling I might add.

Not only does he love to play, but he loves to watch all sports. His favorite spot is cuddled up on the couch next to daddy watching hockey or college basketball. It amazes me that he has an attention span for this!

And of course, live sports! He has been to many hockey games and recently just went to his first Ohio State basketball game. He certainly loves the popcorn and treats, but surprises us every time with his enthusiasm, focus, and love for the mascot (he tends to be a broken record while getting their attention....hi Brutus, hi Brutus, hi Brutus, hi Brutus).

This picture is irresistible to me. It is Max, in sheer pleasure, at the Ohio State Basketball game.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


At Max's request, we pulled out our wedding album, curled up on the couch together, and started looking through the photos of me and Sam on our wedding day.

In Max's little words, and adorable little voice, he exclaims:

Is that the day you was a prrrrrincess mommy?

Yes buddy, that certainly was the day I was a princess.

Melt. My. Flippin'. Heart.