Monday, September 29, 2008

A Hockey Success!

We just returned from Max's big night out. Being the hip and cool parents that we are, we let him stay up waaaaay past his bedtime to experience the Arena and CBJ hockey.

I am sure all of you are desperate to know how the evening turned out.

I am happy to report: 
He loved it. 
[Sam is ecstatic...I think he is doing cartwheels in the front yard right now...hang on...let me check...yep, cartwheels in the front yard.]

He loved the action, he loved the noise, he loved the Jumbotron, he loved the attention everyone was giving him. What a little ham, he was passing out smiles left and right and flirting with all the girls. 

The best moment for me was thinking to myself, "WOOHOO! FINALLY."  We have had these season tickets for three dang years and EVERY year I think, "next year we will have a baby with us."  Well folks, it has happened! We got to be that couple with the cute baby enjoying a family night out.

Check out Max...this is his serious face as he takes it all in!

Columbus Blue Jackets Fan

Max is sporting a RJ Umberger jersey!

Max is getting ready for the big game tonight [it is already pre-season].  His first hockey game ever [outside the womb - our dear sweet Emily is also a hockey fan]! 

Sam and I have enjoyed season tickets for the past several years. It has become a date night I look forward to during the winter months. A great excuse to get out of the house and do something fun and exciting.

This year, we plan to make it a family night. I know Max is going to love the excitement of the game; and Sam and I are going to enjoy watching him take it all in!

Go Jackets!

Friday, September 26, 2008

If The Journey Was Easy...

I have been pondering a simple - but yet oh so profound! - thought this week about our journey to Max. 

It's this truth:

If our journey would have been easy, we would not have you, Maximus.

Now that I am on the other side of this, I feel like I am finally starting to understand God's big picture. I won't pretend to understand all of it; but now, when I look at Max's sweetie pie face [which I am quite smitten by] I have to smile and think to myself:

You were so worth the wait...

I can't imagine life without you...

And again...

If things would have been easy, we would not have you.

So simple. But for me, incredibly profound and revealing of God's character. He was faithful all along. He wanted nothing but good for me. He had a plan and destiny. His timing was impeccable. His outcome was perfect.  

I am so grateful for this journey. 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gym Rats

Max and I love Mondays! We signed up for a class at
The Little Gym that meets for 45 minutes once a week. From strengthening Max's core to spotting him while doing a somersault, this class is SO perfect for us [ok, me].  

This intense class is a work-out for Max, and me too! Floor warm-ups, exercises, balance beam, bar, balls, it, love it, love it!

I have waited a long time to pull up in front of a class, baby in tow, and sign up for a class like this [or any class that requires a baby on your hip!]

Definitely a dream come true for me!  Love you Maximus.  :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's with that...Tongue??

Max's new thing: his tongue. He sticks it out and just lets the thing hang there. You can make him giggle and laugh and smile...and yep, tongue is still hanging out.

My theory?  All the Air Jordan clothes Sam keeps buying him is causing him to stick his tongue out.  His looooooong tongue I might add.  Seriously, several people have commented on how long it is.  He can stretch that thing out to touch the bottom of his chin. Freakishly weird?  Some would say.  I just think it's cute!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The fun has definitely begun! Max and Gabe [Max's older and, oh-so-cooler cousin] spent the night at our house for the boys' first-ever sleepover.

Rise and Shine Boys!

Gabe, you make suspenders look goo-ood.

We might have just started war with Ron and Kristen. We decided to surprise them by dressing Gabe in this Amish-looking outfit and bring him to church this morning.  We just happened to have this gem hiding in Max's closet.  Kristen's face was priceless.  "Gabers!" [arms outstretched as she waits for her boy to greet her from a night away...and then she notices The Outfit] "Oh...oh my...what is that?"

I have a feeling it's on.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family Pic

Even though The Ohio State Buckeyes suffered an embarrassing loss to USC tonight...we will remain loyal to our favorite team.

Go Bucks!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Meet Jett

A few weeks ago I rekindled an old friendship. I had sent out a mass email announcing Max's blog and included my childhood friend, Joy, on the distribution list.

Little did I know what kind of email I would receive back from her in response to the blog.

She was captivated by Max's story, but in a very unique way. You see, she too just adopted a baby boy. His name is Jett and he was born only weeks before Max on April 9, 2008.

It is almost unbelievable to me how similar our journeys have been. She has experienced so many of the same ups and downs. How refreshing to talk with someone that just simply knows and understands!

We spent the afternoon catching up, swapping stories and holding each others babies. We sat and stared in awe and amazement at these precious boys that God specifically chose for us!

I am once again reminded of God's faithfulness. And how BIG of a God we serve. At the very same time that He was working out the details and weaving the tapestry for me and Sam, He was doing the same for Joy and Joel.

Meet Max's new buddy, Jett.


OK, so I pride myself in thinking I am in the know when it comes to baby toys, clothes, accessories, etc. Little secret: I might have kept a running list of items over the past few years of things that were a must-have for our baby. Of course they were all very practical items. Ok...maybe not. But, I digress. All this to say that I am apparently not in the know as much as I once thought.

My point: Max and I had a play date last week with Rachel and Eli (Max's cousin). Rachel had this odd looking contraption at her house that I had never seen called a Jumperoo. I decided to put Max in it so he could give it a whirl.

And give it a whirl he did! He loved this thing. Screams of excitement and big smiles filled the room!

So being the kind of mom that I am, I decided then and there that Max MUST have this odd thing called a Jumperoo. As soon as I got home I started the research. Apparently one of these things brand new is $90. Errrr...excuse me?

So being the frugal person that I am [ok, so maybe the word frugal is a bit of a stretch when I am describing myself], I started the hunt for a gently used, but still in mint-condition thing-a-ma-jumper. One week later, we [or should I say Max] is the proud owner of his very own Jumperoo.

Check it out.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Go Bucks!

The moment has finally arrived.
That's right...I am talking about Ohio State Football!
We might be hoping that Max's first words are "Go Bucks!"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Marked by Promise

I have been reminded of God's promises lately.  

I have spent most of the last four years clinging to a promise. Consumed by a promise. Living for a promise. 

The promise of a family. The promise of a child. 

Some days seemed quite unbearable. Quite hopeless. I had this emptiness inside that only a woman longing for a child can understand. 

But through it all - the pain, the grief, the questions - I continued to build my faith knowing that I serve a God that fulfills promises. 

Sometimes all I could mutter was, "I judge you faithful." [Just like Sarah did in Hebrews 11:11].

Sometimes all I could express was, "God nothing is impossible for you." [Just like Mary in Luke 1:37].

Sometimes that is all I had to give. A simple word. A simple phrase. But, it wasn't simple at all. It was a deep and gut-wrenching cry from the depths of my soul.

As I continued to claim God's promises for my life and our family I became stronger.  It wasn't a matter of if we had a family, it was a matter of when we had a family.  

During this time, I allowed the promises of God to strengthen me. I claimed it. I spoke it. I declared it.  Believing, hoping and trusting that in God's perfect timing He would provide this child I desperately desired. 

One of my favorite quotes from a Bill Johnson [] book says this:

"Expectation has everything to do with what you receive from God."

I expected God to fulfill my hopes and dreams.  My desires and destiny. 

Marked by promise.

That is what God has taught me through this journey.

We are all marked by promise. God has a destiny planned and blue print already drawn up.

So I continue to pinch myself. Every day. Every moment. Max is my constant reminder of God's promise fulfilled.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moses Days Are Over

Check this out! Our boy is growing up.

Only 2 weeks old.
A perfect spot for an afternoon nap.

4 months old.
"Please don't leave me in here mommy!"

Monday, September 1, 2008

Road Trip

We got home late last night from a weekend with friends in Batavia, NY [close to Buffalo]. The drive was about 6 hours. A long ride by our standards [even before Max!].

Here's what I now LOVE about a road trip [so not kidding at all!]:

1. Listening to Baby Einstein classical CD's...over and over and over again.

2. Also listening to Andrea Bocelli [another classical tune!] on repeat until Max falls asleep.

3. Taking turns to use the restroom at a rest stop while Max sleeps in the back seat.

4. Having a crick in my neck from turning around every 10 seconds to see what Max is up to in his car seat.

5. Feeding Max his bottle, in a gas station, while daddy pumps gas.  And then urging him to "please burp!" so we can get back on the road.

6. Sam using Max as an excuse for speeding because "Max just wants to get home!"