Tuesday, July 10, 2007

God's Mercy

Over the past few years, I have kept my eyes and ears in tune to really cool adoption stories. Every time I hear a great story, I do a little bit of research.  I track down a blog that was written or a Web site of an organization. I have filed it in my "favorites" folder so I could go back to it someday.

Well, that someday is now!  I have been praying through each Web site "favorite" asking the Lord to prompt my heart to where He wants us to fill out an application.  What does He have in mind for our family right now? International? Domestic?  Obviously, there is a lot to consider.

One place that has had my heart from the beginning is Mercy Ministries (mercyministries.org).  They are headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and help girls through all walks of life.  From eating disorders to addiction to unplanned pregnancy.  These girls WANT to be at Mercy and are on the road to restoration, healing and wholeness.  It is awesome what this ministry is doing to help young women.  

I showed the Web site to Sam and he was excited.  We both feel that this is the place we are supposed to put in our application.  It is an understatement to say that we were moved, genuinely touched, by this ministry.  

So here is where we are at. They only do 2, maybe 3, adoptions a year. Not good odds by the world's standards.  But, we feel this is an opportunity for God to do a miracle and provide us with the perfect birthmom and baby.  We are already praying for a perfect fit!