Thursday, November 15, 2007

What is up God's Sleeve?

So I received an interesting phone call from Yvonne today.

She said that 5 short days after I called her (to share our adoption plan back in early September) she received a call from friends/business partners saying their 18-year-old daughter was pregnant.

She has been diligently praying the last couple of months and has waited to share this news with me. She invited me to come to Tennessee to talk and meet with this young girl and simply share my positive adoption experience.

Over the years, I have willingly shared my story with young girls that find themselves in a similar situation that I was in at the age of 16. I merely spend a few hours sharing what was right for me and why I chose the path of adoption. At the very least, I am able to sit down with girls and say, "I know from experience what you are going through. I know what kind of decisions you are facing. I know...and now I will be praying for you."

Even though this is something I am quite comfortable doing and sharing, I have never hopped on a plane, traveled to a different state and met someone...just to share my story.

OK God what are you up to?

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