Monday, December 3, 2007

December 3

Today I met Emily. A confident, gorgeous girl with a contagious smile and laugh.

We met at Atlanta Bread Company and here is how the introduction took place:
[Emily was already in the restaurant when we arrived]

Yvonne: Emily! Hello! This is my friend Jen!
Emily: Hey Jen
Jen: Hey Emily
Yvonne: Well, I just thought I would have two of my favorite people meet and talk. I'll be out running errands if you need me!

And then there were two.

Thank GOODNESS we are both outgoing because the time really did fly. We spent 3.5 hours together!

I had the opportunity to share in-depth my adoption story of placing Michael. I shared my favorite memories and a very special scrapbook Michael's older sister Morgan made for me when he turned 10. I talked about how healthy, positive and rewarding it has been to watch him grow and be loved by an amazing family. What a miracle God provided for me and my son!

As we started talking, it became clear to me that Emily (about 3.5 months pregnant) had already made up her mind to parent.

I reiterated over and over again that adoption was right for ME and that she really should seek the Lord to determine what is right for her situation.

At the end of the afternoon we exchanged phone numbers and said we would keep in touch.

OK Lord, what was THAT about?

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