Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why Is It So?

Today, Max and I had the pleasure of hanging out with two of my nieces, Abigail and Lauren, and my nephew, Gabriel. I won't bore you with all the details of my SIL's dislocated shoulder [yep, that's right. Kristen fell, dislocated her shoulder, and is now doing all functions with only her left arm]. I thought it would be a nice and welcomed relief to have some of her kiddos hang with us today.

Since I strive to win the "Aunt of the Year" award, I pulled out all the stops. Art projects. Board Games [you play a mean Hullabaloo, Gabe!]. Baking. Snacks. Treats. Cartoons. A delicious pot roast dinner.I think you get my point. One would think I would have this award in the bag.

One. Would. Think.

That is, until, Uncle Sam walked in the door. How easily the children forgot the Rolos I offered them spontaneously. You know, a "just because" treat. Or, the two cartoons I let them watch back-to-back. Or, allowing them to take every single stuffed animal out of hibernation and tuck them in Max's crib. Every. Single. Last. One. And, oh by the way, I found all three children in the crib [at the same time] with these said animals.

Again, one would think I have this award in the bag.

So, why is it so that children just love their daddies and uncles?

I give you
Exhibit A: The Ball Pit War
Exhibit B: Ride the Bull

You will know exactly why Uncle Sam won the coveted award today.

you are one incredible husband, amazing father and fun-loving uncle.

You deserve the title.



Joyful said...

Thats adorable! There is something special about playing with Daddy! You better believe you wouldnt catch me letting four children ride on my back. He gets the award!

Kristin said...

It isn't fair, is it? :o)

I will spend all afternoon with Colin doing all sorts of stuff then the minute Daddy walks through the door he forgets who I am!

four4now said...


Rachel said...

well you win aunt of the year in my book. I guess I need to step up my niece/nephew sitting fun level. I was exhasuted just reading that list of activities!

Chris and Rebecca said...

Holy Moly...that is quite a day. I am just glad Sam was home at a reasonable time to give you a are still Aunt of the year in my book! Speaking of, Shayden would love to come over ;)

Emily said...

hahahaha this is awesome!