Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crib Jumper

It's about time I shared Max's latest and greatest achievement:

We have a JUMPER.

That's right, a CRIB JUMPER.

It was a lazy Saturday morning [at least Sam and I thought it was a lazy Saturday morning], when Max decided to have one of his infamous crib parties at 6:15 am. So in true good parenting style, I flipped the monitor off and wished him well!

At about 7:05 am, we hear LOUD singing and playing coming from the little man's room. The party was still cranking! I gave Sam a gentle nudge [thank goodness it was his morning to rouse with Max] and told him Max was ready to start the day. I turned over to catch up on some much needed sleep.

As Sam was in the bathroom, washing his face, brushing his teeth, he feels a little tap on his leg. He looks down, and WHOA, it's Max.

Pardon me?

Conversation that follows between me and Sam:

Sam: "Did you go get him out of bed?"

Jen: "No, did you go get him out of bed?"

Loooooooooong pause between the two of us.

What I love about this, is that Mister Max nonchalantly walked into our room, and then our bathroom, as if he does this EVERY morning. He was not phased one bit. However, we were. And frankly, quite petrified to put him back in his bed for nap and bedtime.

So, with much research [that was done quickly that Saturday morning], we decided we MUST purchase a video monitor. I think ebay had our order before noon. ;)

Since we had some lagtime due to shipping, we had to wing it for a few days. And didn't get much sleep for fear he would climb out again!

And lo and behold, he did try it again.

Fast foward just a few days, and I was putting him down for his afternoon nap. He was wired and not at all interested in napping. After several times of me walking in his room to tell him to quiet down, I hear this coming from the monitor [we were still working with the old monitor]:


Taking the stairs two at a time to figure out what was going on in his room, I discover him dangling over the side. Fully out of his crib, just hesitating to drop to the floor. OH MY! I rocked my baby boy to sleep that day to ENSURE he wouldn't climb out. ;)

Life has been a bit less stressful since we received our video monitor. However, I am not sure this is a long-term solution.

Max may be graduating to a toddler bed very soon!

We will keep you posted!


Becky said...

I'm sorry it was stressful for you and Sam, but what a great story! Obviously Max knows how to 1) keep a party going, and 2) work a monitor like no one's business!

Joyful said...

oh HOW have you gone this long without a video monitor?!!!!?!!! Go Max Go! Do you want Joel to build you a railing like Jetts? ha!

3inpink,2inblue said...

This story sounds all too familiar. ;)
Max, you and Gabe are waaaaaay too similar. All. boy.

I can't wait to see the first post on the toddler bed. Good times are ahead!

Chris and Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! Max, my man, give Mommy and Daddy a break. Maybe your cuz Shayden should come over and tell you how much it hurts to fall and then you will think about staying put. :)

Britt said...

Does the crib tent not interest you?