Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Party in the Closet?

For the past two years, our master bedroom closet has been a familiar sleep nook for infants and toddlers alike. It's dark, and cozy, and oh so perfect for sleeping.

Until now.

My nephew Eli joined us for naptime the other day and decided to have a little naptime party. Instead of sleeping in the pack n' play, like I instructed, he opted to pull 65 shirts off of hangers, 2 suits, bins of tank tops and bathing suits and 10 pair of shoes. He literally barricaded himself in the closet behind mounds of clothes.

Looks like the days of napping in our walk-in closet are over! Love you Eli, thanks for the laugh [and 30 minutes of work to put the closet back together!].

**Add-in: My BIL, John, arrived at just the right time. Not only did he help me discover Eli in all his glory, but he then spent the next 30 minutes helping me put clothes back on hangers. Thanks John!


Marie said...

Oh my! Haha. Looks a little different than when you were showing off your organization to me 2 weeks ago!! Thanks for the laugh. Nice work Eli! Keep your Auntie Fer Fer on her toes!

Chris and Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! I am laughing so hard right now...Eli is truly a riot.

Rachel Costello said...

Wow! someone should really teach that kid some manners. Glad MY children can behave themselves. Oh wait...