Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whoa Max!

Max loves everything about going to grandma and grandpa's house. They have a dog named Abby and a sandbox in their backyard and he's allowed to take naps in their big king size bed. Do I need to go on?

They have a dog. We don't. They have a sandbox. We won't. He sleeps in their bed. Right, not going to happen.

In other words, he is in heaven at grandma and grandpa's house and is encouraged to play rough, get dirty and break the rules. That's what grandparents are for, right?

One of Max's recent discoveries, in the corner of the basement at Grandma's house, is a big red rocking horse. This used to be my mom's horse when she was a kid, was then passed down to me and my brothers when we were little, and now Max and his cousins get to take a joy ride on this wooden horse.

To say he loves this red horse is an understatement. I just hope the duck tape at the bottom holds up. Max does not take it easy one bit when riding this horse!


Becky said...

Woah Max!!! Does that horse come with a seatbelt? Or a helmet??


Marie said...

"Wooooah Mommy!" This kid is ALL BOY! Haha.

Emily said...

OH MY!! hahaha he is ROCKIN it!!!