Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Surprised to see me so soon?

I couldn't resist sharing a Little Gym moment with you. Max and I have been dedicated Little Gym-ers since he was a mere 4 months old. When he started he could barely lift his head off the red mat, now he is only 3 short months away from me dropping him off and heading to class without me (sniff, sniff).

I have absolutely loved taking Max to this class. It has been amazing to watch his skills grow over the years. He is so independent now running from the rings, to the bar, to the balance beam. Doing bear walks and spider crawls, donkey kicks and wall handstands.

One of his latest and greatest accomplishments in the forward roll (formerly known as the somersault). This has taken him quite a while to master the right technique, but once he got it, he can't get enough!

Check out our little tumbler.

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Emily said...

awesome!! He is such a little athlete