Monday, March 28, 2011

Swim Lessons

Max is such a big boy now. He doesn't even need me in the water for swim lessons anymore. (sniff, sniff).

I have had a few bittersweet moments like this lately. Since he was 4 months old, I have been doing parent & me classes. From The Little Gym to swim lessons, I was always required to be by his side.

But, now my little man is graduating to the big time. He doesn't need ol' mom anymore to accompany him in his gym class or in the water.

Check out my baby boy. Not such a baby anymore, huh?
(Max is the second one in on the side of the pool...)


Becky said...

Way to go, Max!!! Such a big boy!

Joyful said...

yay Max!!!!

Joy said...

Those are some killer moves on the side of the pool. Can't wait to see him in a couple weeks!