Monday, June 20, 2011

My Lawn Guys

So lets just start out by saying that Max has been begging Sam to mow the grass together. Last year, Sam spent most of the summer mowing the grass with Max in the Kelty backpack. Sweat much?

Well this year, Sam decided to ease his summer load and hire the 12-year-old neighbor boy to cut our grass when needed. And I am pretty sure Sam has not regretted his $15-a-cut investment once. Nope, not once.

However, little Max has not forgotten about the Kelty and that feeling a man (or boy in this case) must get when behind a powerful engine, cutting the grass, hair blowing in the wind/gas fumes, sweat dripping into your eyes. You get it. He was desperate for a ride with his daddy pushing that mower.

So Sam's new summer best friend, Wesley the 12-year-old lawn boy, went on summer vacation with his family. Which means, Sam had to do the dirty, sweaty grass cutting himself.

Mission Accomplished.

Little boys summer dream fulfilled.


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