Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Maximus!

To our sweet and handsome Maximus,

It is hard to believe you are celebrating your 3rd birthday. You are growing up so quickly!

We love your sense of humor, your personality, your thoughtfulness, your big smile and big blue eyes. We love your laugh and the way you say your little toddler words. We love that you still want to cuddle and snuggle with us.

You, Max, are destined for greatness!

We love you with that intense kind of love little man.

Mommy and Daddy

Oh right, for you blog followers. You might be wondering about the zebra Max requested for his birthday present.

Thanks Aunt Kristen! However, as quickly as Max unwrapped he, he chucked it over his head, because he saw soccer gear in the gift bag that he wanted more. LOL

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