Thursday, November 17, 2011

Return of the Pumpkin Pie (I think this is Part III)

Sam and Max have a tradition. The "It's Almost Thanksgiving so We Must Bake A Pumpkin Pie" tradition. This year, they invited Charley to be a part of the festivities, so she watched and took notes from her bouncer. Next year, I am sure she will be bossing those boys around and showing them how it's done.

I, on the other hand, am only allowed in the kitchen to snap the annual photo. Which, in all honesty, is fine by me. 

Once again, they did it. Sam, Max, and now Charley, made a delicious pumpkin pie. Throw some Cool Whip on top and you have the most perfect autumn dessert.

Bon Appetit. 

Mixing it up.

Charley included in the photo op! 

Pouring and time to bake! 

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