Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Getaway: Chicago

That's right. We are not afraid. We will not be deterred. We will jump on a plane with 2 kids in tow. We will have adventures with our family, infant and all. We will continue to do one of our favorite activities: travel.

OK, so that's a bit dramatic considering the flight to Chicago is 1 hour. And we stayed with my cousin Marie who has an 8 month old baby boy Benjamin, and therefore, every infant item that could be desired (and needed while traveling!). 

So cheers to a family getaway. And cheers to an unforgettable weekend. And cheers to making memories!

(P.S. A special thanks to Joe and Marie who moved into their guest room for the long weekend so our family of 4 could have their enormous master bedroom and bath. You guys are awesome!). 

 My Boys

 Chicago Children's Museum was a hit for the day! 

 Max and Ben

Water Exhibit at the Museum!

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