Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Music Man

It is about time that I talk about Max's musical skills. 

And have I ever mentioned how talented his birthmom, Emily, is? Well, she is beyond talented. She has an A-MAZING voice and can play the piano with the best of them. She even has a few songs professionally recorded! Made me tear up the first time I heard them. Seriously. VERY. GIFTED.

So it is only natural that Max would also be gifted in this area. 

[Please note that the moment Max spies the camera, he starts saying, "CHEESE!" I have to redirect him back to his piano concert.]


four4now said...

Max, I can see some music in your future!

And yes, Emily has got some serious pipes!! True talent.

Becky said...

I think Max is very wise to first capture his audience by hamming it up for the cameras. I'm sure Emily did that each time before she played as well!

Great job Max! There are openings on the worship team, we'd love to have you!!

Emily said...


Rachel said...

Get that kid an agent ASAP!