Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Tricks, Talents and Words

I captured Max on video this morning showing off some of his latest accomplishments. 

The video shakes down like this:

Talent #1 Max eats with a utensil [Go buddy, go buddy, go buddy!]

Talent #2 Max throws utensil down because isn't it just easier to eat with your fingers?

Talent #3 Max becomes mesmerized by the TV [that just happens to be on mute while I was filming]

Talent #4 Max sees a dog on TV and can't contain his excitement by exclaiming "da-aawg"

[Notice how he completely ignores me once he locks eyes on the telly. Typical guy, huh?]


Bonnie said...

He is soooooo precious!

four4now said...

Nice Max!



Rachel said...

Eli and Max say their words with the exact some southern draw. Who raised these kids??

Becky said...

There are several things I love about this video. First of all, Max is hilarious!

However, I noted that YOU said in your most dramatic voice, "Max - are you starting to eat your food with - [CUE DRAMATIC PAUSE] - UTENSILS?" :o) I just like that you said utensils. Then you referred to him as "spearing" the food. CLASSIC!

Thanks for making me laugh out loud!