Monday, September 14, 2009


I love to hike. And we have some great Metro Parks in the area that allow you to enjoy nature while walking the trails. So beautiful.

Today Max and I shared a 2.5 mile walk with our friends Monica, Isabel and Caleb. If you want to burn some extra calories while you hike, strap a baby to your back. Whew, let me tell you. It was hard work! But, I am always up for a challenge so Monica and I are going to plan a weekly hike. I can't think of a better way to enjoy the fall weather.

Come and join us!

That would be a 25 pound toddler on my back.

Max and Izzie

Monica and Caleb


Marie said...

WHAT?! It's really the Fall already!!! Not to mention, Max is half your height! Time flies!

Nature hikes are the best! Wish I was there to join you for one with the little man!

Colton said...

You guys are awesome!!! I think you should come out to Colorado and we can hike the Rockies =)

Rachel said...

I'm impressed. I think I made it maybe 1.5 miles in California with the Kelty before having to call for reinforcements. You're an animal!

Becky said...

How adorable! And I agree with Rachel, you both are animals.

KTEAM said...

Thanks for letting me borrow the stroller! You are a rock star. P.S. thank you for posting the more flattering of the two photos of me;)