Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Fashion Trend?

I think so! Our little Max is quite the fashion-forward thinker.

His new routine? Immediately following breakfast every morning [the boy is still in his jammies] he finds his shoes, brings them to me, and insists on putting them on his feet by saying over and over again, "sooz, sooz, sooz..."

He struck a pose for me this morning:

As much as I would like to think my own love of shoes has rubbed off on him, I am almost certain he is putting them on so that at a moment's notice he can run outside. All I have to do is say, "Max, outside?" And he literally sprints to the door so he can go outside and play.

This boy is smart. He is simply being proactive so that when the opportunity arises, he is ready to go.


four4now said...

I love that is he on the ready!!

Colton said...

oh hes ready!!! lol

Kristin said...

Too cute! I posted a pic of Max and Phillie on my blog from the last time you guys came over. Max is totally into the t.v. and Phillie just wants Max to pay attention to him!