Tuesday, January 12, 2010

16 Days

Did you see my blog post title?

That's right, 16 days of wintry, snowy weather.

We have had snowfall [from flurries to several inches] everyday for 16 days in a row. [That is almost unheard of in my part of the Midwest.] That also means that EVERYDAY of 2010 has included snow! Now, that's just crazy talk. ;)

Lucky for me, I love snow. In fact, if it is going to be cold, I might as well have something beautiful to look at! Here is just a short clip of how we have made the most of these snowy days.


Ron said...

The good news? A warm front is coming....its supposed to hit the 30's today. Ha!

KTEAM said...

Are you wearing a vest and not a coat to play in the snow??