Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Surgery Day

Our little man had his first [and I am claiming last!] surgery today: tubes in his ears. He has had chronic ear infections for the last six months and tubes seemed to be the answer. He was a complete champ throughout the entire process and we pray this is the start to a new, healthy era!

And can I just say that I noticed a DRASTIC change by noon today? His mood, his disposition, his energy level, his communication. I mean, complete, drastic change. Unbelievable.

Thank you Jesus for providing us with these kind of resources.

And well done little Max. You did good!


Becky said...

Ok, that is a totally precious picture!

What a champ you are Max, and I can't wait to hear YOU tell me all about it!!!!

Thank you Lord for the doctors, nurses, and resources to help Max. Now please help his Mommy and Daddy as they enjoy the new, TALKATIVE Max!

Emily said...

yay! I am so glad everything went well. He is going to feel so much better without that pressure and pain in his head/ears. Give him kisses from me!!! Love you guys! Jen, you're a wonderful mother :)

Joyful said...

Awww Bless! Poor Max! Glad to hear he was a champ and doing great! Way to go Max!

3inpink,2inblue said...

You might be a slightly spastic aunt when you have to enlarge the picture b/c you don't recognize the jammies your nephew is wearing (I don' remember those?) ....only to realize he is still at the surgery center and therefore wearing his surgery gown.

My. Bad.

Kristin said...

All 3 of my boys had had to have tubes and every time I noticed they turned into completely different kids after their ears were better.

Good luck with the tubes and here's to hopefully no more ear infections.

Bethany Costello said...

What a precious buddy mister! Love you Max

Liz said...

Jen, we are going in on Tuesday for our 5th ear tube surgery...Anderson 2 times, Ryan 2 times and Anna...first ones on Tuesday. Every time the kids are sooo different after the surgery. It is amazing. Ryan went from 3 words to 20 in 2 weeks...no kidding!! The pic of Max is adorable!! So glad you've already seen a change!!