Friday, March 19, 2010

Swim Fan

Max and I are getting ready for summertime by going to a weekly swim lesson. Little did I know how much the Mister would LOVE swim class. To be real with you, the only thing he doesn't love is putting his swim trunks on in the locker room. I practically have to pin him down to put on his swim diaper and trunks. I think he thinks it's tubby time and the trunks are just too constricting!

Just to prove how much he loves this new swim thing, he asks me EVERYDAY, "we going to pool? we going to pool? we going to pool?"

He also loves to throw himself on the wet, cold, tile floor of the indoor swim pool after lessons are over and give everyone a show with a full-blown temper tantrum. The first day, I had another mom walk by me and say, "well, at least you know he likes it!"

And like it Max does. I have a feeling we will be logging some serious hours in the pool this summer. Which is just fine by me. ;)

The trunks are on, Max is ready to go!

Enjoying our pool time together.

The BIG slide, which Max simply points at and says, "wee...wee!"

Loving this pool thing!

One of Max's favorite buddies, our neighbor Brooke.

Max and cousin Shayden.

Let's get going down this slide!

This is the life!


3inpink,2inblue said...

Summer pool time! I can hardly wait!!!

Marie said...

Love it! Can't believe Mr. Max is still getting cuter every day ;) Miss you guys like crazy! Hope to get some QT with you guys on our next trip home!

KTEAM said...

Oh my cuteness. He looks so adorable at the bottom of the slide. What a great boy you have!

Joyful said...

I have to say I LOVE your little man!