Saturday, April 3, 2010

Max Greets the Ocean

Hello bloggy world! Max and I just returned from a four day vacation in Florida. We traveled with my mom [a.k.a. grandma] and visited my grandparents [a.k.a. GG & Papa].

We logged lots of hours at the pool and spent one glorious day at the Siesta Key Beach. It was beautiful, sugary sand. And Max enjoyed every second. His squeals and laughter by the ocean were priceless. Here's a glimpse!


Marie said...

LOL. Too funny! What a sweet little boy ;) Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Give me a ring when you have some free time!

Chris and Rebecca said...

How fun...this years family vacation is going to be a blast with these little boys all splashing and running together in the surf.

Kristin said...

This makes me smile!! I Love it! How can you NOT love the beach?!