Sunday, August 22, 2010

Faux Hawk Frenzy

Max's long locks are history. We decided to give Max and a couple of his cousins (Eli and Gabe) a sweet faux hawk haircut before family vacation 2010.

I have to admit I wasn't so sure about the idea. But, with Sam's encouragement and advice that "it's just hair, why not give it a try?" we decided to join the faux hawk frenzy.

And can I just say I am so glad we did! The boys look ADORABLE.

P.S. Pics are photographed in our backyard. Thank you Carrie for coming to our house and giving three little toddlers a haircut. We realize that is no small feat!

The BEFORE photo.

Max sitting very still.

Max getting bribed by a dum-dum to sit still. :)

All done!

Max makes this faux hawk look goooooood.

An attempt at an AFTER photo.


AMB said...

Looking good Max! I remember when we cut Noah's hair for the first time, now I look at the pictures and cannot believe how long his hair actually was! Hope you guys are well!h

Joyful said...

yay for Max joining Jett in the faux hawk club! :-) He looks so much older now! I love it!

Becky said...

The boys look so awesome!!! You guys took family vacation to a new level!