Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Still Do

Sam and I just got back from 5 glorious days in Riveria Maya, Mexico. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with friends/siblings Ron and Kristen.

As a surprise, Sam decided to plan a beachside wedding ceremony so we could renew our vows. It was amazing in every way. Ocean breeze, barefoot in the sand and the opportunity to say, I Still Do.

How did Sam pull of a surprise of this magnitude? With the help of his sister, Kristen. They planned, plotted and made decisions before our arrival. The ceremony took place on the first night of our vacation. Before we headed out the door for dinner, Sam mentioned he needed to check on something really quick and asked if I would please sit tight and wait for him. About ten minutes later, I received a knock on the door by a resort employee. As he handed me a beautiful bouquet of gerber daisies (my favorite), he asked me to follow him, my husband was waiting. So trusting this stranger, I followed him down to the beach, turned the corner, and lo and behold my husband was standing at the end of the beach aisle waiting for me.

My love, thank you for this amazing gift. The chance to renew our vows and reclaim our love for one another. Thank you for loving me more today than yesterday. I cherish you, our marriage and our family. I give you my promise to honor, respect and love you with all of my being for the rest of my days. With all my love, me.

Just Married...again!


Joyful said...

This is so sweet! Way to go Sam! I cant believe its been ten years! Congrats!

Becky said...

I am so crying!!! Congrats you guys! I love you both!

Erin said...

How Awesome!!! You guys are beautiful! Way to go Sam!

Anonymous said...

agreed... that made me cry!!... totally amazing! Congrats on 10 years and best wishes for the next 100! :) you guys are the greatest!
Love ya

Rachel Costello said...

That is so awesome that Sam did that for you. How sweet and thoughtful! Congrats on 10 great years together