Friday, January 18, 2008

God's Intricate Tapestry

So now that I have had a chance to catch my breath...and pinch myself all day everyday to make sure I am not dreaming...I want to relay some of Emily's side of the story.

When I went to meet Emily in early December, she was thinking along the same wave length as me when I left. We got along great and instantly hit it off. She thought I had a great, healthy story of placing my baby for adoption, but wasn't sure exactly where our friendship would go from there.

Well, only a few weeks later (the day after Christmas to be exact) she went to her mother overwhelmed and simply said, "I don't know if I can do all this. I don't know if this will be what is best for the this baby. I think adoption might be something I should consider." (Let me just take a break here to say - WOW - what an amazing, mature, selfless thing to say and do.)

So Emily and her mother started the process of finding an adoptive couple. The cool twist in all this is that Emily is adopted! So they made an appointment with the same agency that placed her into her parent's home 18 years ago. Emily and her mom spent hours meeting with a social worker and looking at profiles. Nothing clicked.

On the way home from the appointment, Emily's mom casually mentioned that "that girl" you met in early December is hoping to adopt.  (Emily's mom knew this information from Yvonne). Emily shared with me that her first thought was, "I can't believe Jen didn't tell me when we met. How incredible that she left that out, that she was only there to see me and relate to me!"

Right away, Emily asked her mom if we had one of those profiles. Emily's mom didn't know, but thought a good place to start would be to call Yvonne.  (Quick sidenote - I had sent Yvonne our completed profile only weeks before!)

Yvonne literally had our profile sitting on her kitchen counter. She jumped in her car immediately and practically met Emily at home with our profile in tow.  

Emily sat down and started reading our story and looking at our pictures. She said she knew the moment she read our profile that we were the couple this baby was created for.  She said she carried the book around for days and read it over and over again. Each time even more convinced that this was God's plan. 

Two weeks went by before we talked on the phone. She wanted to be sure.  She wanted to be sure she had the strength to do this. She wanted to be sure this was absolutely the best for this baby.  She wanted to be sure she was setting Sam and I up for a future full of hope and excitement.  

I am speechless. 

What an amazing, amazing birthmom.

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