Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Intensity Climbs. And Climbs. And Climbs.

Once again we were hit with another dose of reality tonight. Still with Emily and her family, we received confirmation [through a letter] that Colton is taking action to retain his rights as a birthfather. 

It is hard to explain the intensity of this situation. It seems that the future of this baby boy still hangs in the balance. 

It is a struggle between the natural and the supernatural right now. 

In the natural, it seems hopeless. It seems that we either need to throw in the towel or get ready for the fight of our lives [FOR the life of this baby].

In the supernatural, we know that all things are possible. We know that God works miracles. We know that God wants to not only provide a resolution for us, but give us a restored and whole relationship with Colton.

And it seems that is where my heart is tonight. Even as the intensity climbs, I have great compassion for Colton. I want to have the same kind of relationship with Colton that we have developed with Emily. He is so removed from this process. He is isolated and I am sure lonely. He is disconnected and I am can only wonder what he thinks about me and Sam. 

God help us. 

It seems that is all I can muster as a prayer tonight. 

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