Monday, December 1, 2008

Laundry with Max

Laundry is just one of those tasks that is never-ending. You just can't check it off the list and be done with it. It seems there is always a load I could be washing, drying, folding or putting away. For instance, right now, I have clean clothes folded in my room ready to be put on hangers and in drawers. I have two loads of clean clothes folded and sitting on top of the dryer. And, I am sure, if I went and checked our laundry baskets I would have enough to start yet another load. Whew, I am tired just thinking about all this laundry. And we are only a family of 3 right now! [Geesh, wouldn't it be nice if a laundry fairy visited our houses? Poof...and you have clean clothes.]

Well, with Max, laundry is all about timing and multi-tasking. I switch and fold laundry while he is napping, or in his exersaucer, or playing on the floor. And on that rare day [ok, not so rare lately] he wants me to carry him around everywhere, he comes to the laundry room with me.  

It used to be a breeze. I could lay him down and he wouldn't [or should I say couldn't] move. He was forced to watch me put laundry in the washer/dryer and fold. Just like so:

Then, he figured out how to roll so I had to stop laying him on top of the dryer [for fear he would roll right off] and the floor didn't seem like a good idea either [for fear he would slam his head on the ceramic tile]. So, the Bumbo seat seemed liked the perfect solution. That is until he figured out how to get out of the Bumbo.  

[in this particular photo he launched himself out of the Bumbo seat about 30 seconds after I snapped this picture]

Ok, Mister Max. What next? 

Today I spent hours doing laundry [ok, it felt like hours] so I needed to come up with a new idea of how to entertain Max in the laundry room. 

In the past week he has mastered sitting up by himself. But, on occasion, still has a sideways [kind of in slow-motion] tumble. So I don't think he is ready to sit on the ceramic tile yet.

So, I came up with a brilliant plan. Sit him in the big laundry basket. He seemed happy with the idea, so I started working away. I was facing the dryer, folding clothes. Max was behind me playing in the basket. Then, I heard him moving and grunting. I turned around to see what the commotion was about. 

He PULLED HIMSELF TO A STANDING POSITION [more than once I might add!!] in the laundry basket. This is no joke. Is this supposed to happen at only 7 months? He used his strong lil' biceps and wedged his feet into the corner of the basket and was literally standing up [and the basket was teetering forward!!].  Oh my. I couldn't steady the laundry basket and take a photo at the same time, so I got his expression soon after he plopped back down on his bottom. He looks pretty pleased with himself doesn't he?

So, the next phase is crawling [which I reckon will be soon]. Then, I can at least shut the laundry door and let him crawl around on the floor. I won't have to worry about any tumbles or falls.  

Am I really saying out loud that I want him to start crawling? Oh my. I think I am. Then, I am really going be on the go, chasing the man around, making sure all areas are baby-proofed...

Oh. My.


Becky said...

I love that picture of him in the white basket!! You can tell his little mind is trying to figure out an escape plan. WAY TO GO MAX!!!!
Auntie Bex

four4now said...

WHAT?!?!?! He pulled to a stand? I just talked to you!!! How did I miss this??? ;)

I love the one of him in the basket, btw. I remember that from family vaca. Too cute.