Thursday, December 4, 2008

Starbucks Sizes

Meet Tall, Grande and Venti

Max with his buddies today: 
Tall - Phillip [3 weeks old]
Grande - cousin Shayden [8 weeks old]
Venti - Max [7 months old]

WOW! It is amazing how quickly time flies and how fast these little guys can grow!


Becky said...

Rebecca was talking about this picture at dinner tonight! I'm so glad you posted it. All the boys are so sweet...I'll take one in each size!!!

Chris and Rebecca said...

Love it! Thanks for a great play date...Love, Shayden

Colton said...

HAHA 21st century mothering at its finest blogging about the starbucks size of children.... priceless... Thats the greatest outfit for a baby I have ever seen on Young Maximus... Stylish Stylish Stylish lol