Saturday, December 20, 2008

Zoo Wildlights

We walked in a winter wonderland of Zoo Lights tonight! Max was bundled up like a little polar bear and spent most of the evening mesmerized by the lights and Christmas music.

This has always been one of my favorite holiday activities and it was that much sweeter with Max in tow this year. Lots of colorful, twinkling lights. A carousel ride. Hot chocolate. And Max's cousins [Ron & Kristen joined us with their wonderful gaggle of 4] vying for his attention all night [seriously, the girls just can't get enough of him, it's so cute]

All in all, it was a perfect family night out!


Becky said...

That is so awesome!! What a fun memory!

four4now said...

Wow girl - way to show me up! ;)
I haven't even downloaded my photos yet...much less posted them.
I better get on it!