Friday, February 13, 2009

Little Explorer

Now that Max is crawling, he is exploring!

I thought our house was adequately baby proofed.  Notice I said, "I thought!"

Max has been getting into everything this week. He is finding spots in the house that I didn't even realize needed baby proofing.  Now, I have to admit I was that mom that always said, "I will just teach my kids what they can and cannot touch. Wine bottles? They won't pull those out of the wine rack. Papers? Coupons? Phone? Cords? No way! My kids will just know not to touch my things.

Uh ya, newsflash: That approach does not work. Especially with a curious nine month old! 

[And if you are that person I told, "I won't need to put my wine bottles away or clean that shelf off because my kids will just mind me from the beginning and know that is off limits... well, please forgive me. I was so naive.]

So, here is my curious little boy getting into one of those "off limit" shelves! He is obviously having a blast.

Hey mom, look at me!

This is so fun! What is this? It tastes good.

Why are you still looking at me? I'm just playin.' 

Wow, could this get any more fun?

What'd I miss? Is there anything left on that shelf?

And just to wrap things up. After Max pulled every last thing off these three shelves, I found a new home for most of my CD's, papers, coupons, etc., etc. The shelves now belong to Max and his toys. 


four4now said...

I have to admit this made me cry.

Only because I have looked at that shelf many, many times and longed for the day when you would need to find a new home for all its contents.

God is good. So. good.

Jen said...

Couldn't agree more!

I HAPPILY cleaned those shelves off and let Max stake his claim.


Jen said...
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Becky said...

I just love that your world is getting rocked by this blue-eyed boy with chubby cheeks and bed head!

Go Max go!!

Kristin said...

I will admit that I was one of those parents is funny how actually having a baby around changes all the things you THOUGHT you knew! Now I just like to nod and smile and sit back when my friends without children tell me all about how things are going to be. YEAH, RIGHT! :o)

I love to read about and see Max. He is just adorable and I love his story and how he became a part of your family. I pray for all of you, including Colton and Emily, whenever I check your blog.

Such an amazing way God brought you all together and such a happy outcome.

Joyful said...

Go Max Go!!!! I feel your pain and joy! :-) Isnt it so fun to see them learning and exploring! I hear we will lose a pound a week from here on out. BRING IT ON! :-)