Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photo Shoot

I couldn't resist posting some pictures of our photo shoot from this afternoon.

Max received a very special gift in the mail this week from his biological great-grandmother. A handmade fleece hat/scarf/mittens set. So adorable!

Sam and I wanted to send a heartfelt thank-you note with photos, so we bundled Max up in his new gear for this special photo shoot.

It was as if he knew we wanted these photos to be extra special. The perfect looks. The perfect smiles. The camera loves this little man! 

And don't you just love the new winter accessories?


Becky said...

I could just eat him up, he is SO CUTE!

Max, you are one sweet looking boy!

Aunt Becky

four4now said...

Leave it to Max to ham it up for the camera....thus making the perfect "Thank you" card. :)

Emily said...

SOOOO cute!!! I love his new winter gear!!! As always, he looks so handsome :)
I love the way the website looks btw Jen! It's awesome, super cute.

Colton said...

AWW im so glad that you got them!!! I got to pick them out on christmas... she loved sewing it for the little guy!!!