Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Memory Lane

We purchased a new [to us...thank you Craig's List!] toy last week that I happen to be in love with, a Kelty Kids backpack. The Kelty allows Max to literally ride piggyback on our back in a comfy backpack. The little man can take in any scenery in style with this awesome invention.

Now, for that trip down memory lane. 

Have you ever gotten caught up in looking at old pictures? Well, it happened to me today. I started looking at some of Max's pictures of him in our Baby Bjorn. I wiped a quick tear from my eye as I realized how big our little guy is getting!

Max's first-ever Baby Bjorn ride
at the 2008 Memorial Golf Tournament
[only a few weeks old]

2008 Family Vacation
[almost 3 months old]

One of my favorite Bjorn moments!
Yes, that is Max's proud cousin, Maddie, 
carrying him at the apple orchard.
[6 months old]

Last month. 
Might have dusted it off from the winter months.
Let's just say it was a bit snug for Max and Sam!
[13 months old]

Graduation to the Kelty!
Ahhhh...what a relief for Max and Sam!
[a few days shy of 14 months old]

P.S. Happy 14 month birthday to you TODAY Maximus!


Becky said...

YAY for the Kelty!!!

I can't believe how big Max has gotten. Looking at those old pictures makes his Auntie Bex cry too!!!

You are a blessing little dude!


four4now said...

Gabe is LOVING the last picture! ;)

Maddie just asked me to print the one of her and Max at the apple farm.....

Kristin said...

So sweet! He is just as handsome as can be. I know you just want to eat him up.

Colin will be turning 1 next month and I can't believe a whole year has past by so quickly.