Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fancy Footwear

This week I had three other moms mention to me they thought Max's shoes were getting a bit small. I'll admit, the thought did cross my mind a few weeks ago, but I just figured it was the way his foot scooted forward in the shoes while walking. 

But, when one mom...two moms...THREE moms made a comment about his shoes, I decided maybe it was time for a new pair of summer kicks.  

What to do? Shoes seem to be a bit more important now that he is walking...

Of course! I called my trusted SIL, Kristen, for a bit of advice. She mentioned going to Stride Rite and getting his feet fitted for a shoe size.  

What? Why have I never thought of that. [seriously, why have I never thought of THAT??!!]

Sheer brilliance! So off we went!

Now, I have been squeezing Max's little feet into a size 4 shoe for the past couple of months. And I have been pretty confident that is the correct size [read: I just bought a new, size 4, pair of shoes two weeks ago.].  

Well, apparently, I was a bit off on his shoe size. The sales person measured Max's foot at a 5.5 wide.


A 5.5 wide? That might explain all the hard work in squeezing his little [or should I say wide?] feet into some of his shoes.  

Poor guy. 

Crocs Kick the Bucket
You be the judge.
Are they a bit too small?

New and Improved
Summer Sandals.

Max thanks all you mom's who had the heart to tell me his shoes were a bit small! He has got to be way more comfortable now!


Joyful said...

hahaha! Jett is also a 5.5 but an XW! Stride Rite is the only brand that makes his size and it is very limiting on stylish wear in his XW size! :-( I have found that CVS carries a knock off of crocs that even the croc lady couldnt tell werent real. The are wider and higher arched. The best part....... $5.99!!!!! Check your local CVS for "Doggies" :-)

four4now said...

HA! Love the new kicks!

Becky said...

LOL! Poor Max! His little dogs were barking for a new home!!!!!

Marie said...

Too funny! I just brought my whole office over to my computer to see your post (ok only 5 people...). I'm having a hard time trying to imagine HOW you didn't realize those kicks were too small!!!

Chris and Rebecca said...

Max, you can thank me later! Love you buddy.

Alex Saraceni said...

awww max's new kicks are soooo adorable. can't wait to see you guys =]. we love & miss you
alex and samantha