Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eighteen Month Update

Max had his eighteen month well visit [about 10 days early].

I've got two words for you: Growing. Boy.

He weighed 26 lbs 12 oz - 55th percentile.

He measured 34 inches long - 93rd percentile.

At eighteen months, Max has 25+ words [doctor shared that 5-10 is typical at this age]:
Daddy, Mommy, Abby, nose, sock, shoe, eat, bite, hot, cheese, uh-oh, dog, duck, blue, up, out, car, happy, more please, help me, shoot [as in a basketball, and he puts the hand motion with it], moojoo [that's his word for movie], baa baa [his beloved blankie], yes, and no. And it seems like he is saying a new one everyday...

Animal sounds he knows:
Lion = roar, Duck = quack, quack, Cow = moooooo, Horse = neigh
He also laughs and laughs when I snort like a pig, but he is yet to do it himself. Hmmmm....

Body parts he knows and points at when you say the word:
nose, ears, eyes, tongue [which is hilarious because he sticks his tongue out and wiggles it back and forth], toes and belly button.

We are so blessed to have a happy, healthy, bright and FUN little guy.


four4now said...

Max, you're kinda short my man. ;)

Joyful said...

Wow I cant believe he is 34 inches! Thats SO tall! Impressive with all the words. Jetts at about 20 but almost everything ends with CK sound. Its pretty cute. I cant wait to see them talking together next visit!