Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet and Delicious

Max and I just returned from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We were visiting some of our best friends - Shawn, Joy and kids, Judah [age 3] and Luciana [age 1].

One of my highlights [there were many!] was Max experiencing his first Jamba Juice. I am a lover of the Jamba. We currently do not have this delicious smoothie chain in our city so whenever I am in a location that has a Jamba I seize the day!

Needless to say, Max officially loves his Jamba as much as his mommy does. This particular Jamba Juice is attached to a Whole Foods [I know does it get any better?] so as we strolled through the market Max held his Jamba high in the air and jabbered to anyone that would listen. He was obviously excited to share the good news of his Jamba drink.

You make me so proud, little man.


Becky said...

Oh are so cute with your Jamba goodness!!!

I can't wait to hear you say "Jamba"!

Marie said...

Little are so sweet...just like a berry-fulfilling. My Jamba Pick!

four4now said...

I'm still thinking we need to bring a Jamba here!!!

tim + lisa said...

SO bummed we didn't know you were in town, jen (and max)! jamba is ambrosia, isn't it? your boy gets cuter every day. love reading your posts.

Kristin said...

Sweet baby! He just is growing up so quickly.

Colin took his first plane ride this past week to see Mickey Mouse and did awesome. Slept most of the entire way. I was thrilled because I just knew we would be those people everybody hated on the plane.