Sunday, March 9, 2008

We Judge God Faithful

The tides have turned again. 

Colton has just shared that he needs more time to make this decision. He is not ready to move forward with the adoption at this time and plans to hire an attorney to help walk him through his rights as a birthfather.

We are believing God for a miracle. We know that God has a destiny for everyone involved in this situation. We are sure that this is the promise we have been waiting for. This is the child we have prayed and cried for. This is the family we have thanked and rejoiced God for. 

We judge God faithful... 

We judge God faithful...

We judge God faithful.

We know He is in control of the outcome of this situation.  

Sam and I have a sense of peace, even though the storms are really raging right now.  We know God's heart for us, for Emily, for Colton and for this baby.  It is a future and a hope. A purpose and a calling. 

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