Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Touch From God

This is just so incredible, I have to share it on the blog.

I received an email from Emily today and she was describing an experience she had with God at her birthing class last night. She has been under some intense stress lately (she was even admitted to the hospital last night for early contractions).  But, here is how God met her need!

Emily's words:

I had been pretty tense and tired all day long. I was sitting in the birthing class just thinking about everything, and I got the strongest sense of peace. I mean, not even a sense, it literally took over my whole entire body! I felt totally relaxed, rested, calm, it was like God was giving me the most amazing back massage or something! My mind was so clear and I felt so at peace; and I heard God, Jen! I mean, I actually heard Him talking to me, like He was whispering in my ear. He told me to just let it go; my stress, my anxiety, my concern for the future. He told me to give it to Him because He had everything under control. I think He wanted me to tell you guys the same thing; to not rely on the circumstances around us or worry about tomorrow or the future, but to live in today and to rely fully on Him and He will provide. I hope that brings some encouragement, because it helped me SO much today! 

Do we have the most amazing birthmom or what? Just to think that baby boy also experienced that SAME peace, that SAME touch from God.  WOW, we serve an awesome God!!

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