Friday, September 26, 2008

If The Journey Was Easy...

I have been pondering a simple - but yet oh so profound! - thought this week about our journey to Max. 

It's this truth:

If our journey would have been easy, we would not have you, Maximus.

Now that I am on the other side of this, I feel like I am finally starting to understand God's big picture. I won't pretend to understand all of it; but now, when I look at Max's sweetie pie face [which I am quite smitten by] I have to smile and think to myself:

You were so worth the wait...

I can't imagine life without you...

And again...

If things would have been easy, we would not have you.

So simple. But for me, incredibly profound and revealing of God's character. He was faithful all along. He wanted nothing but good for me. He had a plan and destiny. His timing was impeccable. His outcome was perfect.  

I am so grateful for this journey. 


Erin said...

So Cool-So beautiful!
And look at all the people that have been touched by God's faithfulness to your family! God is so powerful-with one move he taught so many people about who HE is. Every time I see you guys and that beautiful baby boy-I think about how truly good God is! That is the coolest thing ever-you guys walk around places revealing God's character just by holding sweet little Max!
Thanks for writing such beautiful stuff girl!

Angie said...

That is a wonderful thought. It is so hard to think about what the end result is going to be while you're going through the difficult time.
But God is faithful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the pictures of your handsome little man.

I am doing a giveaway on my blog if you're interested.

Have a great day!

four4now said...

Max's destiny began long before we knew him.
Amazing....and so our God!

Britt said...

TOTALLY WORTH IT!! I <3 you Max : )