Friday, September 12, 2008


OK, so I pride myself in thinking I am in the know when it comes to baby toys, clothes, accessories, etc. Little secret: I might have kept a running list of items over the past few years of things that were a must-have for our baby. Of course they were all very practical items. Ok...maybe not. But, I digress. All this to say that I am apparently not in the know as much as I once thought.

My point: Max and I had a play date last week with Rachel and Eli (Max's cousin). Rachel had this odd looking contraption at her house that I had never seen called a Jumperoo. I decided to put Max in it so he could give it a whirl.

And give it a whirl he did! He loved this thing. Screams of excitement and big smiles filled the room!

So being the kind of mom that I am, I decided then and there that Max MUST have this odd thing called a Jumperoo. As soon as I got home I started the research. Apparently one of these things brand new is $90. Errrr...excuse me?

So being the frugal person that I am [ok, so maybe the word frugal is a bit of a stretch when I am describing myself], I started the hunt for a gently used, but still in mint-condition thing-a-ma-jumper. One week later, we [or should I say Max] is the proud owner of his very own Jumperoo.

Check it out.


Becky said...

This is so cute!! Love the new toy Max!

I didn't think anything could make him MORE talkative, but I guess I was wrong!

four4now said...

Aunt Jen,
The jumpee was really cute and I loved how he moved his legs and was jumping!
He sounded like he was having fun.

Emily said...

omg!!! all the noises he makes! hahaha he is sooooo cute!!!!

Colton said...

Sam you may be taller but looking at his footwork ur done when it comes to the hoops.... haha