Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another First

For the last six months, at least four times a day, I [or Sam or grandma or aunt or friend] have fed Max his bottles. In fact our day tends to revolve around the bottle - when he last ate and when he will want to eat again.  

So whether we are at home cuddled up on the couch, or out to lunch or the mall, everything pauses for 20-30 minutes when it is bottle feeding time. And can I please mention? It is quite difficult to multi-task with a baby and a bottle in your hands. In fact, I have only mastered two things while feeding Max: cradling a phone between my shoulder and ear, and holding a TV remote in my hand [and to do it correctly, the remote must be in the same hand as the baby because you can't hold a bottle and a remote at the same time - this is valuable information for all you rookies out there!].

I am happy to report [ok, maybe I am a bit sad too] that we have reached a new chapter in our bottle-feeding journey.  Max...holding his own bottle!

This means hands-free for his mama!

Good work little man, good work!


Becky said...

Woo hoo! Way to go Max! You are awesome and growing so fast!!!

Colton said...

Thats My Boy haha.... way to go max!!! Holdin it like a CHAMP! Looks like he may have a little bit of "milk belly" hahaha. Everyone I know comments on how he is the cutest little guy. This just proves it. What a show off ;)

Joyful said...

So cute Jen! The other day Joel was feeding Jett his bottle and I looked over and Jett was holding it. I had never seen him do it before. Joel was like oh I taught him a long time ago since I get tired of holding it. haha! I thought uh why didnt you share this secret with me!!!??!! Our boys are growing up so fast! Cant wait to see you soon! I call you soon!

Em said...

GO MAX! What a stud!