Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Happy Holidays

Oh how I have waited for this moment:

I am so excited I am about to burst. 


Thank you Pottery Barn for engraving these stockings.
Thank you UPS man for delivering this package so promptly. 
Thank you Sam for understanding the importance of this holiday investment.

I might have to get a jump start on my holiday decorating. The first thing I am going to pull out? My stocking holders. Three big silver letters that say "JOY". And each letter has a perfect little hook for each stocking. This year, is the first year, that three stockings will hang from our mantle. 

I find myself being completely overwhelmed with the little things. The little reminders of how life is different now. 

Maximus, thank you for bringing such JOY to your mommy and daddy this holiday season! 

And thank you Jesus for stockings!


four4now said...

That made me cry.
I love, love, love how you are so thankful for all the little (and big!) things.
Its a great reminder to all of us.


Sam said...

I thought you were going to have mine say "Big Sam"

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

I L.O.V.E. That stocking!!!!!!!!! I love that you get to put his up this year! I love that you get how cool that is and you take the time to appreciate it. I ordered Johnathan's yesterday, and I might have cried through the whole ordering process. And I MIGHT have menioned it 100 times to the kids that had ordered his stocking and that he is home to see it!!! I might have asked the lady at the check out line if she had her stocking out yet, so that I could tell her about Johnathans and that God brought our son home.

I LOVE your 3 stockings. LOVE them... brings me to tears!!!!!!

did I mention LOVE.THEM?

Cause I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Coolest Christmas season EVER!!!!!!! One full of firsts that are sure to bring MANY happy tears!!!


Becky said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture! BUT--they are even better in person!

Can't wait until your mantle is filled with JOY, HOPE, PEACE, etc.

Colton said...

There is nothing like Christmas to bring the joy out in a godly family. i am soo happy to see all these things coming soo perfectly together. I love you guys
Happy Holidays and GOD BLESS