Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Tale of Two...Hockey Jerseys?

Do you remember this post? I don't know if I have ever seen Sam more excited. His little man, all dressed up in a CBJ jersey. 

We have had season tickets to the Columbus Blue Jackets for years and it has become a passion for Sam. Not only does Sam watch every game [sometimes more than once]; he takes his fan-ship seriously by spending way too much money on clothes and paraphernalia. That would explain why Max was the proud owner of his first jersey [several sizes too big in a 2T] at the small age of only 5 months. 

Oh. But. Wait. Sam recently discovered that they started stocking the Blue Line [a store dedicated for serious fans like Sam inside the Arena] with an infant size jersey. 

[Imagine a chorus of angels singing 'halleluiah' and shining a bright light over the jersey as Sam enters the store.] 

There was no talking him out of it. In fact, I am pretty sure his heart stopped beating for a second or two. And do you think he stopped to even glance at the price tag? No way. So when I did [I know, shocker, right?], and mentioned to him that it might be a bit expensive for a teeny tiny jersey [I mean he does already have one], Sam looked at me like I was speaking alien. 

So Mr. Max is now the proud owner of two Blue Jackets jerseys. One for now [that actually fits and looks adorable]. And the other, hanging neatly in his closet, for later.


Becky said...

Ok, seriously worth the cost!!! He looks so stinkin' cute! I have also wondered why the Blue Line shop never carried infant sizes...I'm sure Sam is in heaven!!!

Colton said...


four4now said...

MAX!!!! I love you little buddy!!!

Sam said...

Max. Looking good my man. That jersey fits you so well it looks tailored. Keep rockin it and make sure to ask Mommy to put it on you more often :)