Monday, November 24, 2008

Gotcha Day!

Max with mommy & daddy
in the courtroom on Gotcha Day!
Dear Maximus, 

Today, November 24, 2008, is a very special day for our family. It is your adoption finalization!

Do you know?
We prayed for you before we knew you. We dreamed of you before we held you. We prepared for you before we were "expecting" you. And we loved you before we met you. 

And the moment we laid eyes on you?
We melted forever. You, sweet Maximus, were chosen for us. And we were chosen for you.

We are so proud to be your parents. Everyday you teach us something new. You make us smile bigger, laugh harder, dream higher and love deeper. Our lives are forever changed because of you!

Today we celebrate our forever family.

We love you!
Daddy & Mommy


Becky said...

Congratulations Max, Sam, and Jen!

Much love to you guys!

Erin said...


four4now said...

No need to make me cry.....again today.

Max, I love you!

Aunt Kristen

KTEAM said...

I love it! What an awesome week to receive this final piece of the puzzle. What a perfect family.

Anonymous said...

Very awesome!! Congratulations! Well said! You guys make the perfect family! Best wishes for an amazing journey! Shanna

The2Scotts said...

Yes, I have to say, I am with Kristen on this one. Reading it at work and I have tears in my eyes! How sweet and special!!
He's so bless to say he's GOT-CHA as parents ;)
Congratulations again!!