Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bed Head

Max woke up to a serious case of Bed Head this morning. Let me explain further.

Since Day 1 Max has always slept in the same position - on his back, with hands stretched above his head. Not moving an inch. Which means, his hair is perfectly in place every morning. No need for a brush!

However, lately [since his Crib Parties!] I find him every which-way. On his back, his side, his belly. Bottom in the air, bottom not in the air. Legs crossed, legs not crossed. In the middle of the bed, by the bumper, sometimes body parts even on the bumper. You get my point. The only thing that's consistent anymore - his blankie. No matter where he is in his crib, the blanket is snuggled right up next to him.

Ok, back to Bed Head. Which I cannot explain through typing. I must show you pictures.

Good Morning Sunshine!
Notice one side perfectly in tact.
The other? Bed Head.

And a side view.
Just because it's funny.

And one more while eating breakfast.
I just couldn't stop taking pictures!


four4now said...

I SO wish Mommy would have let you come and hang with us this morning pre-bath.


The pictures are a 2nd best though.

Dad said...


Your hair is looking sweet my man. Most people can't pull that off without gel. By the way you should see your mommies hair when she wakes up in the morning....



Becky said...

Oh my word! These pictures are classic!

I can totally relate to his problem - one side perfect, the other TOTAL bedhead. So many times I think I can pull my hair off for the day without washing it...then I see the bedhead side.

Max, you are one fine looking boy!

Joyful said...

Hysterical! Even with bedhead he is so adorable! I knew he was going to be a good looking kid!

Clare said...

It's like "Business on the right side, Party on the left..."

Sara said...

he is absolutely adorable!!!bedhead and all! those eyes are amazing.

Colton said...

Maximus,... u take bedhead to the maximus hahaha
i cant stop laughing hahahaha