Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Boy is Growing Up

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the fact that Max drank an entire 4 ounce bottle in one sitting! [oh how far we have come in these past few months...have I mentioned the boy likes to eat?]

Then, we accomplished yet another milestone. Holding the bottle by himself!

Today was another day of "firsts" for young Maximus. Meet The Sippy Cup. We have been working on it here and there, but we got serious about it this week. His afternoon nap is usually followed by a leisurely bottle. This week, we started replacing the bottle with a Sippy Cup [still filled with his beloved formula]. It took a few days, but he finally mastered the art of the Sippy. 

Way to go Max!


Becky said...

How fun!! I can't believe how quickly he is growing.

Way to go Max! Sip away!

Adam said...

Yay Max!!!! Jett is so not interested in the sippy. Probably doesnt help that he really isnt that interested in the bottle anymore either. Love you Born Free Sippy!

Colton Troy Fallows said...

This kis id going to know arithmetics by the time he can walk... maybe calculus by Kindergarten... Ur a stud Max keep it up.... you are more loved than u could ever imagine and u r surrounded by the BEST OF THE BEST!!!

Clare said...

LOVe the new layout and pics of Max! My goodness-can he get any cuter?

Kelly said...

Hi Jennifer! I somehow stumbled onto your blog! Your story is so amazing! And Max is precious :)

Feel free to come visit my blog anytime:

take care!

Liz said...

CUTE Jen!! Your little man is adorable. LOVE reading about his accomplishments and how you cherish every sweet moment. It is great. Your "new" blog looks great!!!

Kristin said...

Enjoyed reading about your family a little bit today. Thanks!

And that is one adorable little guy you have on your hands.

My youngest, Colin, is turning 6 months...well...TODAY in fact!

Kristin said... I went and read all of your story from the beginning and...

Amazing! What an awesome and faithful God we have.

I read and read and before I knew it I had read right through lunch but it was worth it completely.