Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My New BFF

The Dum-Dum

Max at the grocery store!

Oh sweet Dum-Dum. How I love thee. Let me count the ways:

1. You keep Max's attention throughout the entire. grocery. store.
2. You are colorful and taste wonderful to little Max.
3. You will not be dropped on the floor [a fun new game Max likes to play with mommy] because you are so yummy and the little man cannot bear the thought of parting with you.
4. You are good to the very last lick. And oh, it sure does take awhile to get to the very. last. lick!
5. You make my little boy so very happy. Which, makes me so very happy!


Becky said...

Oh, what a sweet boy!

But what is going on with the 'do?

Jen said...

Maybe this isn't his best glamour shot, but focus on the dum-dum! That is who this post is about anyway!


Kristin said...

So sweet! Both the dum-dum and little Max.

colton said...

I dont think Max cares about how he looks... he looks prety content with his little dum dum... and he already knows hes cute... he is reminded allll the time haha

Joyful said...

That is ADORABLE!!!! I love his big blue eyes! He is SO cute!

four4now said...

The dum dum is one of the best inventions ever!
It has saved me many a times!

bethany said...

What a coincidence, the dum dum is my best friend too! Cheers buddy!

wallickn said...

Jen, We have a friend in common: Jennifer Deuber. She previously forwarded your blog and I read it from beginning to end- you should write a book. What a beautiful and inspiring story.

I'm hoping to connect b/c I'd love to chat you up on your experience- we are experiencing secondary infertility and I'm considering adoption. If you would, please email me? I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you.
Nicole Wallick

Sara said...

adorable baby!!!! so sweet. dum dum's will also work later in life for potty training!