Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dancing Man

Max has moves. Every time he hears music [in the house, at a restaurant, even at the mall!], he starts moving to the beat. It usually starts out slow. Maybe a nod of his head. Or a shake of his shoulder. But, after he finds his rhythm, he goes for it!

It does not matter how many times I see him get his groove on, it makes me laugh. Here are just a few snippets caught on camera.

Dancing to the tune of Just Dance by Lady GaGa:

Dancing to the theme song of Barney & Friends:


Becky said...

I love that booty shakin'!

Keep up those moves Max. With any luck, someday you will dance just like your Daddy!!

four4now said...

I saw some moves today that looked like a lot more rhythm than Daddy has (sorry bout that Sammy! ;))

What can't you do Max?

Aunt Kristen

Chris and Rebecca said...

This is can see the music start to move through is body. You go Max!

Emily said...

yes! Max you are amazing! Lovin those dance moves!

Joyful said...

That is hysterical! Go Max Go!

Auntie Chrissy said...

Max you rock!

Colton said...

HAHAHAHA Max! You crack me up! Keep dancin the ladies love it hahahaha